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Spot Protect SwitchSpot2 - WiFi Dry Contact Sensor

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The SpotProtect SwitchSpot V2 WiFi contact closure adapter connects to your WiFi network and sends an email alert when the normally open input, closes.  By using an email-to-text service from most cellular providers, users can opt to receive a text message.*

The SpotProtect SwitchSpot V2 includes a free cloud service allowing up to 5 emails to be registered to receive an alert when the contact closure triggers the device.  There are no set up or ongoing fees at all.  You can use a web browser to check the last trigger event(s).

SwitchSpot is simply powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) and comes with a ~10 inch wire to connect to the dry contact trigger.  Set up is easy, just create a free account, and then use your iOS or Android device to connect SwitchSpot to your network.  

Connect to any device that can provide a contact closure, such as select driveway or drive-thru alerts, alarm systems, monitoring systems and more.  Be careful not to apply any voltage to the input as this will damage the unit.  Voltage damage is not covered by warranty.

* Email-to-Text may need to be activated by your cellular carrier. Carriers may charge for this service. Contact your provider for details prior to ordering SwitchSpot if you intend to use email to text.

Please note: SpotProtect sends alerts via e-mail or an email-to-SMS gateway, which is then forwarded by the carrier as a text message.  It has come to our attention that some carriers have begun throttling, delaying or even blocking these email-to-SMS messages beyond the control of SpotProtect. 
We advise any affected customers to either switch to e-mail alerts, or contact/switch carriers if SMS alerts are required.  
Additionally, in response to this issue, an optional direct-to-SMS priority delivery service is now available by way of purchasing notification credits from 3rd party service providers.  This service bypasses the gateway and sends messages direct to SMS; however, th
is direct-to-SMS service is not available for Switchspot V2 at this time.

SwitchSpot V2 Features

  • Accepts dry contact closure trigger
  • Connects to your WiFi Internet enabled network
  • Sends an email to up to 5 addresses when triggered
  • Use email-to-texts from your cellular carrier to enable text alerts
  • 1 year warranty
  • Indoor use only

Shipping & Delivery

We ship from Canada with typical delivery times of 2-5 days to major centers. Most orders over $100 before tax ship FREE.