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Optex TD20U Wireless Sensor

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Optex Wireless TD-20U

The Optex Wireless TD-20U wireless driveway sensor will work with all of the original Optex Wireless 1000 components as well as the new Optex Wireless 2000 components. The Optex TD20-U has a built in infrared sensor and a wireless transmitter which will send an alarm signal up to 2000 feet back to either Optex RC-10 or the RC-20 receivers.

The Optex TD20U infrared sensor and wireless transmitter has two settings for the infrared sensor, fan and long range beam. The fan setting is perfect for door and entrance ways or even as a motion sensor mounted the corned of a room. The beam setting will monitor up to 50 feet in front of the sensor making it ideal for wide driveways, parking lots or even as a perimeter sensor for your property.

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