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MarCell MAR500 Cellular Freeze and Power Alarm

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MarCell MAR500

Cellular Freeze Humidity and Power Alarm for Canada

The MarCell500 monitors ambient room temperature, humidity and power. Users can set acceptable temperature and humidity ranges. If the room temperature or humidity goes outside this range, or in case of a power failure, the MarCell will send a notification by text, email or voice call.

Users can also check status using a web browser or Internet-connected smartphone.

No landline phone or Internet service is required at the monitored location, making the MarCell perfect for cottages, remote homes and remote business locations. 

MarCell-ATT uses the AT&T and Rogers cellular networks so as long as the monitored location has coverage where the Marcell is to be installed that's all that's needed. The monthly subscription fee starts at only USD$8.25 per month with monthly, annual and seasonal plans available. 

Set up is very easy, just create an account at connect the device to power and set up your alert preferences online using their cloud service!

Marcell Features

  • Monitors temperature, humidity and power status (power failure)
  • Will alert on freeze or hi/low temperature and humidity
  • Will alert on power failure and also power restoral
  • Supervised heartbeat will send notification in case of communication loss
  • No landline or Internet needed at the monitored location, uses AT&T for USA and Rogers for Canadian users
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Perfect for homes, cottages, remote homes, remote business locations
  • Data is logged hourly in case of no alarms
  • In case of an alarm, the user is notified right away by telephone call, email or text message
  • Easy cloud set up and access using a web browser or Internet-enabled smartphone
  • Built-in rechargeable backup battery in case of power failure. last 24-48 hours in case of a power failure

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