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MarCell M2-ATT Cellular Temperature, Freeze, Power Alarm

by Marcell
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The MarCell M2-ATT is a cellular communicating monitoring device for temperature, humidity and power failure.  It's designed for monitoring fridges, freezers, containers , RV's, mobile homes and buildings.

MarCell will log temperatures and immediately alert you via text message, email or phone call when a problem is detected.

Since it's cellular based, no connection to WiFi or network is required.  It comes with a pre-installed SIM card.  Just install it and subscribe to a low cost service plan and you're set.

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Power
  • Immediate Alerts by Email, Text or Voice
  • Uses fast and reliable 4G cellular
  • Works even when Internet or Power Fails
  • Built in battery lasts up to 48 hours without power
  • Monitor by web browser or on the go with the app


Monitor vaccines or samples in fridges and freezers.  Keep animals, pets, greenhouses and more safe from temperature issues, freezing or power failures.

You set the normal temperature and humidity range. If readings go outside range, or in case of a power failure, MarCell will send a notification by text, email or voice call immediately.

In case of a power failure, hi/low temperature or humidity trigger, MarCELL will send an immediate alert. You can choose up to 10 people to receive the alerts by email, text or voice call.

Check the status any time using a web browser or Internet-connected smartphone.


Marcell provides a direct connection via cellular and does not rely on your WiFi or Internet connection, even when the power or Internet fails. MarCELL can operate up to 48 hours without power with the built in battery. No landline phone or Internet service is required at the monitored location.



This affordable service offers the following plans that include the cloud service, MarCELL cellular connection and free apps:

$8.25 per month (annual plan 12 months)
$11.95 per month (seasonal plan 4-8 months)
$14.95 per month (monthly plan)
(Priced in $USD)

Set up is very easy, just create an account at connect the device to power and set up your alert preferences online using their cloud service! To purchase subscription plans click here.

MarCELL M2 ATT Features

  • Monitors temperature, humidity and power status (power failure)
  • Will alert on freeze or hi/low temperature and humidity
  • Will alert on power failure and also power restoral
  • Uses cellular - no landline, network or Internet required
  • Data is logged hourly
  • Alarm notifications are immediate
  • Easy cloud set up and access using a web browser or Internet-enabled smartphone
  • Built-in rechargeable backup battery in case of power failure. last 24-48 hours in case of a power failure


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