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Dakota Alert 4000 Magnetic Vehicle Probe Wireless Driveway Alarm System

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DCPA4000 Dakota Alert Magnetic Vehicle Probe Wireless Driveway Alarm

Don't get caught off guard when vehicles approach your home or business.  Perfect for protecting driveways, drive thru, service centers, farms and property entrances.

The Dakota Alert DCPA4000 driveway alarm system uses a magnetic probe that senses the change in magnetic field caused by large moving metal objects like cars, trucks and heavy equipment.  The magnetic vehicle probe is buried along side or under the driveway and a wire is run to the wireless transmitter that can mount on a wall, tree or pole.  When a vehicle drives through the detection area, the wireless transmitter will send a signal to the receiver which will play a sound and light up the LED indicator light.

Get creative and use the sensor to alert you to garbage trucks, farm vehicles or even moving garbage bins and lids for commercial garbage bins.

The DCPA4000 has a long wireless range of up to 1 mile (4000 feet)* from transmitter to receiver. 

Up to 16 different sensors (transmitters) can be paired with this kit by adding additional sensors:

DCHT4000  - additional rubber hose sensor and transmitter
DCMT4000 - additional motion sensor and transmitter
DCPT4000  - additional metal sensing driveway probe and transmitter

The included DCR4000 receiver offers 12 different sounds to choose from:

  • Ding Dong (high)
  • Ding Dong (low)
  • Westminster
  • Fur Elise
  • Alarm/Siren
  • Coo Coo Clock
  • Bird Chirping
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • William Tell
  • Cannon in D
  • Morning
  • Toreador March.

The transmitter and the receiver is powered by the included plug-in power adapter.


Note:  The DCPA4000 replaces the DCPA2500 with up to double the wireless range, but it does not have any relay or 12VDC output.  If you need an output to connect to an alarm, siren, strobe or other system please consider the Dakota MAPSBSKIT or the wired VS-50, VS-125, VS-250 wired probe alert kits.

Note: 2500 series are not compatible with 4000 series. 


Dakota DCPA4000 Wireless Driveway Alarm Features:

  • Magnetic vehicle probe detects moving metal like vehicles, cards, trucks with a 10-12 foot radius
  • Includes 50 foot probe wire to connect to wireless transmitter that mounts on wall, pole or tree
  • Up to 1 mile or 4000 foot wireless range*
  • Battery life 12 months depending on weather and activity
  • Receiver powered by included plug-in adapter
  • Outdoor sensor operating temperature range -30F to 110F

Dakota DCPA4000 Included:

  • Magnetic vehicle probe with 50 foot wire and wireless transmitter (DCPT4000)
  • Indoor wireless receiver (DCR4000)
  • Plug-in power supply for receiver


* Note:  Wireless range is maximum, line of sight, without interference. Obstructions, hilly terrain and interference will reduce range.

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