Dakota Alert Additional PIR Motion Sensor for 4000 Series

Dakota Alert Additional PIR Motion Sensor for 4000 Series

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DCMT4000 Dakota Alert Additional PIR Motion Sensor

Expand your Dakota 4000 series driveway alarm or alert system by adding a PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor.  This weatherproof sensor can be mounted inside or outdoors to monitor driveways, entrances, pool areas, service entrances and more.  It runs on a 9V battery and sends a wireless signal to the Dakota DCR4000 receiver when motion is sensed.

This is an expansion sensor for DCMA4000, DCPA4000, DCRH4000 or DCR4000 systems / receivers.

The Dakota DCR4000 receiver from these systems will flash an LED indicator and play your choice of notification tunes/tones when triggered.

Up to 16 different sensors (transmitters) can be paired with the Dakota 4000 series receivers.

Note:  The DCMT4000 replaces the DCMT2500 but 2500 and 4000 series parts are not compatible with each other.

Dakota DCMT4000 Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Features:

  • PIR motion sensor detects people or vehicles
  • Motion sensor maximum detection range 80 feet
  • Motion sensor is battery powered by 9V battery (not included)
  • Up to 1 mile or 4000 foot wireless range* to DCR4000 receiver
  • Battery life 6-12 months depending on weather and activity


* Note:  Wireless range is maximum, line-of-sight, without interference. Obstructions, hilly terrain and interference will reduce range.