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The ADC-EPB-HW-V3.0 is a stationary emergency button with a 2GIG Alarm Transmitter for secure independent home care and senior living. The ADC-EPB-HW-V3.0 emergency button grants caregivers real-time insight into each client's current conditions as well as potential emergency problems.

This device requires an account, your partner will need to work with you to add devices to your account.

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3.6 in. x 1.45 in. (Diameter x Depth)

Black, ABS plastic base with slip-resistant feet. 2 x AAA batteries in housing, and switch for optional audible message on button press.

Red, ABS plastic, spring-loaded push button top.
Electronic Signaling

2-AAA Battery-powered filter circuit with integrated 319.5 MHz (crystal controlled) 2GIG-compatible transmitter with 64-minute supervisory interval. 

5-second tamper on power up.

Activation Force Approximately 2.5 to 3 pounds
Sensing Interface Filtered, normally open (i.e. when not pressed), momentary contact switch
Battery Life Replaceable 2x AAA battery: 2+ years


Note: If enrolling the device locally at the panel, the sensor can be tampered with by pressing the button within the first two seconds that the on/off switch is set to the On position.

Installation and testing

  1. Locate the sensor within 100 feet of the base station.
  2. Check the button for any visible defects or damage. If damage is visible the unit should be replaced.
  3. Locate the button on a flat surface in a visible location in the room.
  4. If the button is new, pull out the plastic battery tab located on the underside of the unit. The tab is not needed for use and can be discarded.
  5. If the audio message is not needed, ensure the On/Off switch is set to the “Off” position.

    Note: This switch does not turn off the unit or disable the wireless signaling; it only disables the audio message. This switch is located on the circuit board inside the unit.
  6. The button can be mounted on a wall by removing the rubber feet on the bottom and sticking to the wall with double-sided foam tape.

Use and care

  • Press on top. The sensor will activate on contact.
  • Wipe down with a moistened cloth using only soap and water, and wipe dry. Avoid using any cleaning agent containing bleach (sodium hydroxide) as an ingredient.
  • Check for any damage that may have occurred. If damage is visible, the unit should be replaced.
  • Do not immerse the call button in any liquid.
  • After cleaning, repeat all the installation steps. 
  • Replace the batteries every two years by opening the base of the unit from the bottom. The device takes (2) AAA batteries.





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