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Freeze Alarm WS04 Water Siren Plus

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WS04 Water Sensor with Audible Alarm and Contact Outputs

The WS04 Water Sensor comes complete with a built-in 90-decibel siren and Normally Open (N. O.) output terminals. When water is detected the WS04 will sound its siren as well as close it's output contacts which you can easily wire to alarm panels, dialers or additional sirens lights etc..

The WS04 consists of two components, the monitoring unit/siren as well as the actual water sensor. The units can be left together, or you can easily detach the water sensor from the siren and place it up to 6 feet from the siren using the included cabling.

These water sensors are perfect for monitoring areas in your home or office which are vulnerable to water damage. You can use the WS04 on its own as a local audible alarm, or also connect it to one of our alarm dialers as part of a complete home monitoring system.

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