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Spot Protect SwitchSpot - WiFi Dry Contact Sensor

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The SwitchSpot by Spot Protect is a WiFi Dry contact sensor that has the ability to connect to any device with a dry-contact output and send emails and text messages when that contact either opens or closes.

This device operates on just two AA batteries that can last up to 5 years! Your first two batteries are included.

Using your local WiFi connection the Switchspot communicates local data to the Spot Protect Cloud portal every 2 hours and creates a log. You can also program the sensor to email or text you anytime that the wired circuit is either closed or opened. Perfect for driveway alarms or door contact switches! 

We recommend that you, or whomever will be setting up the SwitchSpot have a good understanding of downloading software and drivers in order to set up any Spot Protect device. You will need a PC computer and a SpotProtect USB SpotCable for the initial set-up. 

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