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Sensaphone IMS-1001 & IMS-1002

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Sensaphone IMS1000 - Description

The Sensaphone IMS-1000 offers an easy to use and versatile web-based monitoring system. It connects to any Ethernet network and has a built in web server for viewing status, making programming changes, and reviewing data log history. With eight (8) inputs - eight sensors can be connected to monitor a wide variety of conditions including temperature, humidity, physical security, smoke, fire, power, etc.

With the IMS-1000, all of the sensors are plugged into the unit, meaning no stripping wire or fiddling with screw terminals to create the connection(s). Alarm messages can be sent via e-mail and text message. There is also a phone option available (on checkout) which gives you a built-in phone connection allowing you to call the unit to check in on your devices at any time as well as have the ability to receive voice phone calls from the unit to notify you when an alarm condition exists.

Power failure monitoring is built-in along with a rechargeable battery backup.

Easy Set Up:

All of the sensors for the IMS-1000 use standard computer patch cables (Cat-5). Just snap in the connector and you're done. The sensors are automatically detected by the 1000 and even self-configured. There are no screw terminals to deal with and no wire stripping to worry about. Just plug and go.

Easy Programming:

A simple fill in the blank web page is provided for all of your detailed programming of the 1000. It only takes a few minutes to type in the monitoring parameters and contact methods.

Easy Status View:

The single click web summary provides a quick summary of all your monitored conditions. Go to the web page and check the summary as often as you like to verify that everything is okay.

Easy History and Trend Information:

The IMS-1000 system stores important information for later viewing. This includes the details of alarm events and even periodic snapshots of all of the monitored conditions. This information can be viewed anytime from the automatically generated web page. You can view single-click quick trends for each monitored condition, or even create a custom history view to see exactly what has been going on at your facility.

Computer Room Specific Alarm Features:

The IMS-1000 also comes with built-in features specifically for use as an alarm in a computer or server room. IP device monitoring is included to ensure the proper functioning of the servers on your network. Alarms can also be sent via SNMP traps, and all programming parameters are accessible through the IMS-1000 SNMP agent.


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