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Sensaphone Sentinel 1200 with Rogers 4G Cellular

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Sensaphone Sentinel SCD-1200-4GRWCD

The Sensaphone Sentinel 1200 is an Internet cloud-based alarm and monitoring system with free iOs and Android apps, featuring text, email and phone call alerts. It can be used for real-time monitoring of all kinds of environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, water leak, water level, power, contact closures, and more.

The Sentinel features 12 distinct inputs and unlimited data logging for each input/sensor being monitored. Multiple users with security levels may be set up, with auditing in place to track changes.

This version includes a Rogers 4G cellular modem for communicating with the Sensaphone cloud service when wired Internet is not available. It's housed in a NEMA4X enclosure for protection from moisture, water, rain, sleet, snow, ice and bugs.

This Rogers wireless version requires a paid monthly subscription from Sensaphone.

Set limits for each of the sensors and the Sentinel can alert the appropriate users and personnel to an alarm condition via email, text or phone call. Users can log in to the web portal or use the free Android or iOs apps for monitoring and control of the SCD-1200.

The Sentinel has a built-in battery backup to keep it running in case of a power failure for up to 8 hours. Power failures are logged and the system will send an alert. It's a supervised system meaning if it loses it's connection to the servers (internet goes down for example) an alarm message will be sent out right away.

Sentinel can be used to monitor data centres, greenhouses, grow ops, livestock and farms, medical and cold storage facilities, electrical, oil and gas operations, HVAC systems and more.

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