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Sensaphone SAT4D - Sensaphone Alarm with Satellite Connection

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Sensaphone SAT4D Remote Monitoring Station

The Sensaphone SAT4D is the perfect remote monitoring solution. With a battery life of 5 years and satellite uplink the SAT4D can literally be placed almost anywhere in the world to monitor up to 4 different dry contact devices and left there for 5 years!

With the Sensaphone SAT4D remote monitoring system not having a land line, power or cellular coverage is not a problem! With 100% coverage across the United States the SAT4D is perfect for those remote or even mobile monitoring applications. The included internal battery will fully power the SAT4D for at least 5 years before you will need to change the battery!

The SAT4D continuously monitors 4 dry contact inputs for alarm conditions. When an alarm condition does occur the SAT4D sends a signal via satellite to the Sensaphone SAT4D web site. At that point the web site will make up to 8 custom voice phone calls to notify the appropriate people/departments to the alarm condition. The web site will also send up to 8 SMS text messages to alert people to alarm conditions.

The Sensaphone SAT4D web site also allows for data logging with the SAT4D automatically uploading two status reports per day, every day to the web site. This allows you to log in and check the status of your devices, view previous alarm events and even make programming changes remotely!

The SAT4D also comes with built in GPS technology. This allows you to easily view exactly where your device is, perfect for mobile monitoring or if you are monitoring multiple SAT4D devices making sure you are viewing the correct one!

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