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Sensaphone FGD-6700 - Sensaphone Express II

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Sensaphone Express II - Description

Remote telemetry system for environmental and industrial monitoring, communication and control. The Sensaphone EXPRESS II offers a comprehensive package of standard monitoring and control features, plus powerful expansion options so that you can customize the system for your specialized needs or add on as your applications grow. Easy to install, program and expand, EXPRESS II may be the last monitoring and control system you ever need to buy.

The robust Sensaphone Express II features advanced monitoring capabilities, plus allows for expansion of to 40 input/output channels. Easy to install, program, and expand, Express II can meet the needs of your system both today and tomorrow. The Express II is as flexible as your application requires. It includes features like built-in power failure monitoring, 8 universally-configurable alarm inputs, and an on-board relay output for manual or automatic switching. The Express II offers a wide range of temperature sensing (-85F to 300F), 48 user-programmable dial out numbers, and complete remote touch-tone programming capability. Descriptive messages can be recorded for site identification and for each alarm input. Alarm-specific dialing and programmable call schedules allow users to customize the Express IIs dialing process.

The Express II is equipped with a gel-cell rechargeable battery that will provide 12 hours of backup time. The unit is housed in a NEMA-4X fiberglass enclosure with a front panel LCD and dual-color LED's to indicate input status to on-site personnel. All programming settings and voice message are stored in nonvolatile memory.

MONITORING Express II is equipped with 8 universal inputs, configurable as dry contact, pulse count, 0-5V or 4-20mA analog, or temperature. Easy to install expansion cards let you increase your monitoring capacity by an additional 32 universal input channels. Each input, whether standard installed or expanded, is fully programmable and complete with a two-color LED to locally indicate the alarm status. Express II also features built-in AC power monitoring and built-in microphone for sound level monitoring.

COMMUNICATIONS The system works over standard phone lines to deliver recorded alarm messages to up to 48 phone numbers. Call progress detection ensures that the crucial alarm call goes through, with no wasted time on busy-signals or no answers. Alarm specific dialing and phone list features allow you to customize the dial out process. The digital display indicates current alarm status and phone activity. The standard local serial port allows Express II to print alarm activity to a local printer.

MESSAGING Digital speech technology allows you to record your voice for the dial out alarm messages and ID message. When Express II dials out for an alarm, the system recites your personalized voice message. This feature is especially useful for service personnel if you expand the input capabilities. Your creativity and Express II's flexibility enable you to have extensive monitoring capacity without confusion. All recorded voice messages are stored in nonvolatile memory.

PROGRAMMABILITY Express II is fully programmable via the local keypad or remotely by touch-tone phone. Menu-style voice guidance makes programming simple and provides easy access to all parameters, whether you are calling in or using the keypad. Nonvolatile memory ensures that your programming is not lost during a power failure or storage.

HARDWARE Express II is equipped with one relay output that can be programmed to control automatically or manually. Expansion cards allow you to increase Express II's output capacity by up to 32 relay output channels. Express II is housed in a NEMA-12 thermoplastic enclosure with 12-hour rechargeable Gel Cell battery backup.

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