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Sensaphone FGD-CELL682 Cellular Monitor

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Sensaphone CELL682 Remote Alarm Dialing System

The Sensaphone CELL682 is a wireless alarm unit from Sensaphone designed for use in areas with no landline, or for portable alarm monitoring operations. With 14 total inputs, the Cell682 Alarm Monitor can monitor a variety of equipment and environmental conditions and even offer some remote control via it's two Relay Outputs. The Sensaphone CELL682 communicates directly with the Sensaphone servers via the Rogers cellular network to update conditions as well as activate an alarm response if one of its sensors goes into alarm.

The CELL 682 also comes in a NEMA4X making it suitable for outdoor use and has battery backup included so you can continue to monitor even during power outages.

Alarm Notification:

When one of the CELL682s' inputs detect an alarm condition from a sensor the unit immediately sends a command to redundant Sensaphone servers to process the alarm. The Sensaphone servers will then contact the appropriate caretakers via email messages, cell and pager text messages and custom voice phone calls.

6 Analog Inputs

  • Can accept any 4-20mA analog transducer.
  • Input range can be custom scaled to measure in real engineering units.
  • Thermistors can be connected directly to accurately measure temperature.

8 Dry Contact Inputs

  • Each channel can be normally open or normally closed.
  • Any input can be configured to accumulate run time.

2 Relay Outputs

  • Manually controlled through the website.
  • Automatically switched when an alarm occurs.
  • Built-in duplex pump control logic.
  • Alarms can automatically initiate an output response to a different location.

Sensaphone CELL682 Remote Alarm Dialing System - Specifications


  • GSM Cellular Wireless Technology
  • 90+% Wireless Coverage


  • 6 - Analog 4-20mA Inputs
  • 8 - Contact Closure Inputs
  • 2 - Relay Outputs
  • Run Time Accumulation
  • Temperature Measurement

Alarm Delivery:

  • E-Mail – SMTP
  • E–mail Alarm Notification
  • Text Message Alarm Notification
  • Voice Phone Call Alarm Notification
  • 24 - Alarm Notification Destinations

Other Details:

  • E-Mail – SMTP
  • Website Programming Access
  • 18VDC Power Requirement
  • Duplex Pump Control Logic
  • Peer to Peer Control Logic
  • NEMA4X Enclosure Rating
  • -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F) Operating Conditions
    IMPORTANT: The Sensaphone CELL1Y Plan is required to use this unit. Fill out the form here: CELL1Y Form

    Sensaphone CELL682 Remote Alarm Dialing System - Support and Downloads

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