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Sensaphone FGD-1400CD and FGD-1400SD - Alarm Dialer

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Sensaphone FGD-1400

The FGD-1400 will monitor up to four environmental conditions, and offers alarm notifications for up to eight recipients, alarm history reviews, and remote control capabilities. The New Sensaphone 1400, with its enhanced features unlike others in the Sensaphone product line, will be one of the building blocks for the company's planned growth in 2006 and beyond.

The FGD-1400s enhanced features include:

  • The ability to sense and issue alarms on ultra-low temperatures down to -85 degrees Celsius
  • A sealed enclosure for added durability
  • A rechargeable battery backup
  • Recordable voice messaging
  • The capability to monitor 4-20mA

This system is the ideal monitoring solution for a wide range of markets, including water and wastewater, agribusiness, heating/ventilation/air conditioning/refrigeration, pharmaceutical and health labs, and industrial and chemical manufacturing. The Sensaphone Model 1400 is the perfect solution for your 4-channel remote monitoring needs. It combines all the feature of the popular Sensaphone 1100 desktop series, adding significant enhancements that expand your monitoring and notification capabilities. These include custom voice message programming, rechargeable battery backup, and extended battery backup, and extended temperature sensing. The 1400 is packaged in a sealed, lockable enclosure to withstand harsher environments.

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