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Sensaphone FGD-3060 - Scada 3000 Annunciator Module

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Sensaphone SCADA 3000 -Annunciator Module - Description

The SCADA 3000 Annunciator Module is an optional component for use with the Sensaphone SCADA 3000 system. The module provides 8 programmable LED indicators to display the status of assigned I/O points. The LEDs are bi-color (red/amber), which means that each LED is always on, thereby preventing a false reading due to a burned-out LED. Red indicates an active or ON condition and Amber indicates an inactive or OFF condition. The Annunciator LEDs appear as two-state (ON/OFF) outputs in the SCADA 3000 software.

The Annunciator module is housed in a 1/8 DIN enclosure for convenient panel mounting.


The Annunciator module appears as an output module to the Sensaphone SCADA 3000. When the system is powered up, the main unit will scan the external module network and add the Annunciator to its list of modules at the address specified by the Bus Address jumpers. An icon for the Annunciator will also appear on the main unit screen.

The Annunciator module provides eight LED indicators that can be used to display the status of I/O points, system variables, or alarm conditions. The LEDs can be forced on (Red) or off (Amber) through the Annunciator module programming screen, or they may be controlled automatically using a C-program or Ladder program.

The eight LEDs appear in the programming software as digital outputs numbered from 0-7. To access the Annunciator programming screen, click on the Annunciator icon from the Main Unit form or select Modules, then Annunciator from the Main Menu.

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