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Freeze Alarm FAMAS-01 - Motion Sensor Mini-Alarm

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Motion Sensor Mini-Alarm - Description

The new FreezeAlarm Motion Sensor/Mini Alarm can be connected to any of our dialers. This compact motion sensor has a powerful 130-decibel siren and an alarm output signal that can be connected to the Deluxe Freeze Monitor or any Voice Dialer. The Dialer will then call you when an intruder is detected. The infrared beam will detect movement up to 20 feet away and drives away intruders with a 130-decibel siren.

Motion Sensor Mini-Alarm - Specifications

  • Easy installation
  • Powerful 130dB siren
  • Convenient remote control to arm and disarm the alarm from inside or outside your home
  • 16 different security code combinations
  • 30 second exit delay and 4 second entry delay
  • Low battery indicator Uses 4 AA Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • 60 degree passive infrared beam detects up to 20 feet away
  • Automatically resets to avoid false alarms
  • Easily mounts on a wall or free-standing

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