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Dakota Alert 2500

Dakota Alert DCMT-2500 Wireless Infrared Motion Driveway Sensor

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Dakota Alert DCMT-2500 Duty Cycle 2500 Driveway Sensor

The Dakota Alert 2500 Duty Cycle series of Driveway Alarms have an incredible wireless range of 2500 feet! Using a built-in passive infrared sensor, this wireless motion alert driveway sensor and transmitter will detect people and vehicles passing by the motion alert sensor up to about 80 feet in front of it. The Dakota Alert DCMT Driveway Sensor operates on one 9V battery (not included). This is the new Dakota Alert Motion Sensor and transmitter unit only.

The Dakota Alert Duty Cycle line of wireless driveway alarms and sensors is expandable! You can have as many sensors, transmitters, and receivers as you like all operating on the same system. The only limitation is that the receivers are capable of distinguishing four zones, meaning if you are using more than four sensors or transmitters you will need to have multiple units operating in the same zone on the receivers.

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