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Dakota Alert 2500

Dakota Alert DCRH-2500 Wireless Air Hose Alert

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Dakota Alert Wireless Rubber Hose Driveway Alarm - Description

The Dakota Wireless Rubber Hose System DKDCRH2500 is built on the same concept as the "rubber hose" alerts you would find at a gas station or service station. The important difference is that this system is wireless! This means quick and easy installation and operation of this reliable driveway alarm! The transmitter operates on one 9-volt battery and has 25' exterior hose that will lie across the drive. When a vehicle drives over the hose, a signal will be sent to the DCR-2500 receiver up to 2500' away*.

The transmitter is weatherproof and meant for exterior locations. Up to 4 zones can be monitored with additional transmitters which can be programmed so they will each sound a different tone at the receiver. When the receiver gets a signal from the transmitter, one of four different tones (Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding Dong, or Whistle) will sound for a few seconds. There is also a volume control, allowing you to set the sound to the desired level. The DCR-2500 receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and can be placed on a table or mounted on the wall.

The DCR-2500 is equipped with four form C relays (one for each zone), and one 12-volt DC output terminal that will activate for several seconds when a signal is received. The receiver can be user-programmed, so the 12-volt DC terminal and relays can be set to activate for 1 second, 10 seconds, 60 seconds or 10 minutes. The tones will still sound for several seconds.

*Actual range will vary depending on the local terrain.

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