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Dakota Alert 2500

Dakota Alert DCPT-2500 Wireless Magnetic Probe Driveway Sensor

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Dakota Alert DCPT-2500 Duty Cycle 2500 Vehicle Sensor

The Dakota Alert 2500 Duty Cycle series of Driveway Alarms have an incredible wireless range of 2500 feet! This wireless probe vehicle sensor will detect vehicles entering your driveway or passing by where you have the Dakota Alert probe alert sensor positioned. The alarm will than send a wireless signal 2500 feet back to the Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Receiver (DCR-2500). The Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Probe Alert vehicle sensor will only detect moving metal so you will never have false alarm signals from large animals, dogs etc..

The vehicle sensor probe will detect vehicles up to about 10 feet away from the probe. If your driveway is one car width wide you can bury the probe beside the driveway, however if your driveway is two or more car widths wide we recommend burying the probe in the middle of the driveway, or if this is impossible burying two probes, one on each side of the driveway.

The Dakota Alert DCPT-2500 uses four 3V batteries (included), the batteries should last 12 months depending on uses, climate etc.. You will receive a low battery warning when the battery is getting low.

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